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The Rules of the Game of Life

Here is the part that nobody likes -- The rules. The rules are important since they establish boundaries that need to be respected to achieve order and balance. There has to be rules even if we don't like them. There are scientific rules that our physical world follows in order to achieve balance; therefore, why… Continue reading The Rules of the Game of Life

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You’re Gonna Be Okay

I spent my life in darkness -- I was in a spiritual whirlwind for most of it and didn't know the difference between up from down. It is hard to believe I was so confused. Negative thoughts consumed me and controlled my every move. Are you in a bad place in your life right now?… Continue reading You’re Gonna Be Okay

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Darkness has had it's thumb on me most of my life -- Too heavy for me to lift off of me; negative thoughts consumed my mind by constantly telling me I was a failure, a parasite, and that I would never amount to anything. I could not run away from the negativity of my mind… Continue reading PAIN: YOU MADE ME A BELIEVER!

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When You Know Darkness You Know Light

I am a person who was raised in fear. My life only knew fear, which pushed me to do something about my fear. It was killing me. As a child, I was not given the comfort of security by having parents who nurtured me with confidence. Instead, I was raised in a stringent, perfectionist environment.… Continue reading When You Know Darkness You Know Light

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Is It All About Me?

I may be doing a lot of preaching about being confident and loving yourself, but in amongst all of that wonderful, feeling stuff we also have to be humble, which means all this work isn't for our glory. All this work on ourselves; we are doing great things for one another and we are feeling… Continue reading Is It All About Me?